This document establishes the policy regarding the cancellation, either of the realization of an experience by DAC Tours O.E., or of the participation in an experience contracted by a client.

Cancellation of Scheduled Experiences (DAC Tours O.E.)

DAC Tours O.E., may suspend the performance of a scheduled experience for various reasons:

Meteorology: yellow alert establishments or higher by the State Meteorological Agency, namely

-wind gusts> 70 km / h

-rains of more than 20 liters/m2 in 1h, or 60 liters/m2 in 12h

-temperature above 35 ºC

Particular wind conditions apply to the Experience that takes place in the Albufera lake “Sunset in a Corner of Paradise”. In this case, gusts of wind greater than 30 km/h would be sufficient to proceed with the suspension, although the last word will be the boatman who provides the boat service on the lake.

Force majeure regarding personnel or material resources of either DAC Tours or the collaborators involved in the experiences, for example:

– disease, particularly those that are contagious, that affect mobility or the adequate provision of the service

– equipment breaks

– special restrictions from the authorities


DAC Tours O.E., has established a meteorological surveillance system and continuous contact with collaborators to anticipate as much as possible the possibility of suspending a scheduled Experience. In this case DAC Tours O.E.

– will notify customers as far in advance as possible

– offer individualized advice on alternatives to suspended service

– will fully refund the amount paid by customers


Cancellation of Assistance to Contracted Experiences (Client)

The hiring of an experience is confirmed by the full payment in advance of the amount of the experience.

Once the payment is made, if the Client anticipates that, for whatever reason, he/she will not be able to enjoy the contracted Experience, he must communicate it in writing to DAC Tours O.E. via whatsapp (+34 627 70 92 88) or email ( ). In this case the following refund policy will apply, which is based on when the cancellation request is communicated to us:

– in the 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of the Experience: there is no refund of the amount paid by the client

– between 24 and 48 hours before the scheduled start of the Experience: 80% of the amount paid is refunded

– more than 48 hours before the scheduled start of the Experience: 100% of the amount paid is refunded

There may be special conditions in particular experiences, which will be specifically communicated before hiring.

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