We have created DAC Tours with an idea in mind from the very first moment: that our company be environmentally sustainable and that we can contribute to improving the society in which we live. To do so, we have established this decalogue of principles as a guide for our current and future business actions. The principles indicated here are embodied in concrete actions whose results we report annually.

Environmental Principles

  • We offset the carbon footprint generated by transportation in our experiences.
  • We promote sustainability among our suppliers by searching, collaborating and recommending hotels / restaurants based on sustainability criteria (“eco score”).
  • We minimize the use of plastics (particularly single-use ones) and paper, and in any case we reuse or recycle all that we generate.
  • When needed, we try to use recycled raw materials and / or ecological products.
  • We organize/participate in activities having the specific objective of collecting waste from nature and helping the space to return to its natural state of cleanliness.
  • We promote the involvement and ecological and sustainable contribution of our clients and followers. We make them participants in our Sustainability Decalogue and encourage their participation and involvement in it.

Social Principles

  • We create local wealth with our experiences. We seek that all our suppliers (guides, transportation, restaurants, …) are people rooted in our land.
  • We offer free tourist experiences to groups or disadvantaged people or those who, for one reason or another, have greater difficulty accessing them.
  • We contribute to projects of various kinds and to create wealth in national and international communities. We donate at least 5% of our net annual turnover.
  • We participate in forums, belong to institutions and follow recommendations and groups related to the Sustainable Development Goals, as a way of raising awareness and feedback on our commitment in this field.